Top Quality Bagpipe Tuition.

Wedding Pipers.

Packages to suit all pockets!

Funeral Services


After Dinner Entertainment and Cabaret

Scottish Piper is here for you!

Expert Tuition

John is one of the World's highest qualified teachers holding not only The Teacher's Certificate but also The Senior Teacher's Certificate as well as the prestigious Diploma of Piping. This diploma is only conferred on pipers who have reached the standard of excellence in playing and in their complete knowledge of the Great Highland Bagpipe. These qualifications coupled with a "master's" education and 45 years of teaching experience means that John is always in demand from pipers of all grades.

Your Wedding Day

I am not going to waste our time by telling you that this will be your "special" day, I'm sure you already know that! Instead I will promise you a high grade piper, a fair price and NO hidden charges. I have listed a few packages you might want to consider but in the end the choice is your.


I always choose to play at funerals as I have lost family and friends so I know what is needed - a piper who will turn up, play the tunes you want then leave. No fuss guaranteed.
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