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The Capital's College of Bagpipe Studies

Based in Edinburgh, Scotland, Scottish Piper, is the capital's centre of excellence for bagpipe tuition.
John Main the C.E.O. and founder of Scottish Piper, started the school in 1999 and since then the school has grown exponentially year on year.
Scottish Piper teaches all standard of pipers from beginners to successful competition pipers. They also run courses for pipers attempting Standard Grade/National 4&5 and other school music examinations, The Associated Board of Bagpipe Schools examinations and other recognised certificated examinations.
The school also specialises in fixing problems with bagpipes as well as regular servicing of your bagpipe.

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Hand in hand with the school The Scottish Piper Agency has also met with great success. Being able to draw on a large pool of experienced pipers and dancers means that all contingencies are covered:- Weddings, Funerals, and Ceilidhs as well as After Dinner Talks.
Our pipers have travelled world wide playing at events and as Scottish Piper teach in Canada we also have pipers available there.So, no matter where you are, choose the best!
Scottish Piper guarantees you World Championship Pipers at competitive rates.

Part of a recent Q+A session with John......

John Piping on the Calton Hill, Edinburgh.

Why did you start Scottish Piper?

What qualifications do you have?

Institute of Piping ?

Aye they were the original Examination Board, unfortunately they were consumed by the SQA. I use ABBS - the Associated Board of Bagpipe Schools - they guarantee a quick turnaround and so far they have been excellent.

I thought that Edinburgh needed a Piping School. Everything seems to be centred in Glasgow but Edinburgh, The Capital, had nothing. Hopefully we will fill that space. Also I wanted to provide a place where parents can get teachers that are fully qualified.

I have the Teacher's Certificate, Senior Teacher's and Diploma of Piping from the Institute of Piping Plus I have successfully competed in both solo and pipe band competition. I thought that I'd have a go at competition again a few years ago and was honoured to win the Solo Piping World Championship plus the British Legion Open Championship in 2008.

What's you're plans for Scottish Piper?

World Domination!!

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Learn The Bagpipe

There is no upper age limit to learning the pipes however the optimal age for kids is around 9/10 years old. This is only because of the stretch required to reach holes and lack of control which has not fully developed. Having said that Kieran started young, I started when I was 6 and I am teaching Adam just now who is 8 years old. I will NEVER turn away a kid that wants to learn this great instrument, so come and see me and we'll have a few lessons and see what happens.
Each student learns not only all the necessary skills to perform on the bagpipe but also general musical theory that applies to all instruments. Added to that is Canntaireachd, maintenance as well as the history of the bagpipe and the tunes. ALL pupils are submitted for the ABBS examinations.
Parents/Guardians are welcome to sit in on lessons.

A One Hour Lesson (one to one)........£20.00 Fees can be paid in advance or at the lesson.
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Hire a Piper

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Hiring a high grade competition piper from Scottish Piper is quick, efficient and reliable:
Have a look at we what can offer and click on that Contact Form.
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Most "Piping" sites start of by telling you that your wedding is a "special day" - I do not state the obvious!
What I will tell you is that all my pipers are First Class musicians not part time pipers. They have all played at weddings but when they are at your wedding I can guarantee that they are not thinking "oh another wedding.." they are thinking " I must do my best to make this part special". They are, as am I, Musicians! We all care about music passionately and practise for hours so that we can perform for you.


You can still contact me on this Contact Form

You can still contact me on this Contact Form